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Receive Graduate Credit for Selected Author-Moderated Courses:

  • Taking a Close Look at Primary Writing

HeinemannU and UNH are pleased to offer these online courses with an option for you to receive graduate credit. Upon satisfactory completion of a course, credit will by awarded by the University of New Hampshire Department of English in collaboration with UNH Continuing Education.

No additional work is required beyond course completion. See course catalog for current availability.

When do I enroll for graduate credit with UNH?
FAQ for Teachers
FAQ for Administrators
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In addition to earning graduate credits from the University of New Hampshire, you can apply the credits you earn in this course to UNH's Master of Science for Teachers degree program. See below.
Graduate Credit from UNH
If you are considering taking a course for graduate credit, please review the following information:

  1. Course Work:
    No additional work required beyond completion of the HeinemannU course. Grade assigned by the author-instructor.
  2. Registration Deadline:
    One day prior to course start date.
    Note: The drop period for the graduate credit option corresponds to the HeinemannU drop policy for each course. Please be sure to note this date for your own reference. Click here for the HU Drop Policy.
  3. Number/Type of Credits:
    1.0 semester graduate credits; this option is a GRADED course option; your transcript will receive a letter grade for the course. Please review the grading rubric. Please note that grades are issued following the UNH academic calendar: grades for fall courses will be available in mid-January; grades for winter/spring courses will be available in early June; grades for summer courses will be available in early September.

    NOTE:All UNH students, registered for credit courses, will be using Blackboard to access grades (blackboard.unh.edu). Starting with the 2004 Spring semester, grade reports will no longer be printed and mailed. They will only be available on Blackboard.

    If you have problems logging in, please contact the Help Desk directly - 603-862-4242.

  4. Fees:
    There is an additional fee of $100 per credit, in addition to the standard HeinemannU Student registration fee. (HeinemannU Auditors are not eligible for graduate credits.) This fee includes all applicable registration fees for UNH and a grade report.
  5. Payment Method:
    Credit fees are payable in full at registration by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) or check or money order (made payable to UNH). UNH does not accept purchase orders.
How to Enroll for UNH Graduate Credit—A Two-step Process.
  1. First, you must register for the course through HeinemannU. During this process, you will have the option of registering for "Student, UNH Credit" on the registration form. Select this option.

  2. Second, when you have submitted your registration and see the confirmation screen, look for the link to UNH to complete the second step of your registration. UNH has its own enrollment form that must be submitted or you will not be enrolled for graduate credit. Complete this form and submit online or register with UNH by phone, mail, or fax; instructions are given on the registration form.

    An email confirmation of your HeinemannU registration will be sent within 24 to 72 hours. A receipt will be mailed to you as confirmation of UNH registration.

Both steps must be completed to be registered for graduate credit.
If you need an official copy of your transcript, you can request one after you have received your grade report. (Note that grades are issued following the UNH academic calendar: grades for fall courses are available in mid-January; grades for winter/spring courses are available in early June; grades for summer courses are available in early September.) Mail a Transcript Request Form and $3 per copy to the UNH registrar's office at the following address:
    UNH Registrar's Office
    Stoke Hall
    ATTN: Transcripts
    11 Garrison Ave
    Durham, NH 03824-3511
You can find a Transcript Request Form online at the following URL: http://www.unh.edu/registrar/regforms/registrarforms.html

If you have any transcript questions, contact HeinemannU or the UNH Registrar's Office at 603.862.3787.

Questions or Difficulties?
If you have any questions about the process, please contact HeinemannU:
Master of Science for Teachers
The Master of Science for Teachers in the English Department is a degree designed specifically for teachers. No foreign language is required. The student takes eight four-credit graduate courses, normally including at least one course in both the teaching of writing and in the study of language. All eight courses will be within the English department, but candidates may, with prior approval from the Graduate Director, take up to two graduate courses in other departments provided such courses are directly related to their needs as teachers of English.

The department also offers special summer programs that can be taken to fulfill some of the course requirements for the MST degree. The New Hampshire Writing Program and The New Hampshire Reading and Writing Program are three-week institutes on the teaching of writing in grades K-12. Up to six graduate credits from each of the institutes can be applied toward the MST degree. Summer Studies in Composition and Literature, a five-week summer program offers a selection of four-credit courses in British and American literature, composition theory and research as well as writing workshops in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

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