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HeinemannU and Seattle Pacific University

Receive Graduate Credit for HeinemannU Online Courses

HeinemannU and Seattle Pacific University's School of Education -- Continuing Education are pleased to offer a continuing education graduate credit option to HeinemannU self-paced course participants. At registration for selected courses from HeinemannU, you may enroll with SPU to earn 3.0 or 5.0 quarter units of graduate credit. (Note that 1.0 quarter units is equal to 2/3 of a semester unit.)

When do I enroll for graduate credit with Seattle Pacific?
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FAQ for Administrators
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Seattle Pacific University offers three levels of courses at the graduate level:

  1. 7000-level courses are at the doctoral degree level
  2. 6000-level courses are at the masters degree level
  3. 5000-level courses are considered primarily for the purpose of professional development.
The third option is the level available in conjunction with HeinemannU courses. Although different in purpose from the core master's or doctoral graduate degree courses, such courses may be considered to meet elective requirements in some graduate degree programs, in accordance with the regulations of the particular graduate degree program and approval of the student's program advisor.

Additional assignment(s) ARE REQUIRED in addition to course completion.

Please review requirements below and check the course description to be sure this credit option is available.

Graduate Credit from Seattle Pacific University
If you are considering enrolling for continuing education graduate credit, please review the following information:

  1. Course Work:
    The continuing education graduate credit option requires additional hours work, and you may choose to earn a grade or to take the credit pass/no credit. In brief, you are required to submit additional assignments based on your online coursework. After enrolling with HeinemannU and Seattle Pacific University, you will be mailed a study guide with course-specific instructions and assignments. Your work will be due within 4 months of completing your HeinemannU coursework.

  2. Registration Deadline:
    You must select the Seattle Pacific University credit option during your HeinemannU registration process; at the conclusion of your HU registration, you will be directed to a page with the enrollment form. Submit your registration within three days of your HeinemannU enrollment.
  3. Number/Type of Credits:
    3.0 or 5.0 quarter units of 5000 level (continuing education) graduate credit; these credits receive a letter grade or you may choose a pass/no credit option.
  4. Fees:
    There is a fee of $150 for the 3.0 quarter credits or $250 for the 5.0 quarter credits, in addition to the standard HeinemannU Student registration fee. (HeinemannU Auditors are not eligible for graduate credits.) This fee includes all applicable registration fees.
  5. Payment Method:
    Credit fees are payable in full at registration by credit card (MasterCard or Visa only) or check. Seattle Pacific University also accepts purchase orders, however you MAY NOT combine the fees for HeinemannU and Seattle Pacific University on the same purchase order or check.
How to Enroll for the Seattle Pacific University Continuing Education Graduate Credit Option
  1. Verify that the course you wish to take is on the list of eligible courses:
    EDCN 5460 Working with Second Language Learners: Issues, Problems, and Solutions
    EDCN 5457 Implementing Mosaic of Thought: Improving Reading Comprehension in Your Classroom
    EDCN 5458 The Phonics Kids Use to Read and Spell
    EDCN 5459 Teaching English in a Digital Age
    EDRD 5614 Make It Real: Learning to Love Nonfiction
    EDRD 5615 Strategies for Reaching Readers: A Flexible Approach to Guided Reading
    EDRD 5615 Snapshots: Using Minilessons to Teach Reading Effectively
    EDRD 5617 Strategic Reading: Leading Students to Lifelong Literacy
    EDWR 5599 How to Develop Curriculum for Your Writing Workshop
    EDWR 5501 Teaching Writing by Crafting Stories
    EDRD 5652 Beyond the Spelling Workbook
    EDCN 5521 Preparing Your Portfolio for NB Certification
    EDCN 5542 Literature and Language Play for Phonological Awareness
    EDCN 5544 Literacy in the Science Classroom
    EDWR 5515 Teaching Students to Write Cohesively
    EDRD 5663 On Solid Ground
    EDRD 5661 Teaching the Classics
    EDRD 5662 Reading Reminders
    EDWR 5516 Inspiring Our Youngest Authors
  2. Next, you must register for the course through HeinemannU, and select the SPU credit option. You will receive an email confirmation of this process within 24 to 72 hours. Save this message.

  3. When you have completed the HeinemannU registration, you will be given a link to the SPU registration form (in PDF format; Adobe Acrobat required). Complete and submit within three days of receiving your HeinemannU email confirmation. Seattle Pacific will accept registrations by mail, phone, and fax.

    If you have difficulty downloading or printing the enrollment form, contact HeinemannU for assistance using one of the methods at the bottom of this page.
If you need an official copy of your transcript, you can request one after you have submitted your work. Visit the SPU page for detailed information:
SPU Extended Education Transcript Information

Transcript fees are $3.00. You must request a transcript in writing. You can download a transcript request form from this page: transcript request form. Or you may write a letter including all the information listed on the Transcript Information page. Fax or mail to the following address:

    Seattle Pacific University
    Student Academic Services
    3307 3rd Avenue West Suite 113
    Seattle, WA 98119-1950

    Fax: (206) 281-2669

For questions or assistance with transcripts, please call Academic Student Services, (206) 281-2034.
Questions or Difficulties?
If you have any questions about the process, please contact:
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