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What does HeinemannU offer administrators?

Online professional development through HeinemannU has a number of benefits for your teachers. You can ensure that all teachers will receive quality, cost-effective training. The flexible nature of the online course system allows teachers to access their courses 24 hours a day, from school or home, minimizing the need for extended periods of time out of class. Our Facilitator's Guide will help your study group apply their learning to school or district goals, ensuring that their new knowledge will be put to work improving student learning. Finally, HeinemannU is an IACET Authorized CEU Provider, having met or exceeded the standards of this organization for training and professional development.

For discounts on groups of 10 or more, contact HeinemannU Administration, 800.541.2086, ext. 1290.

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Online Professional Development Questions
How can I be assured of the quality of professional development that takes place online?
    Unlike many live, large workshop or seminar formats, online learning ensures that there is evidence of active engagement for each participant. To fulfill course requirements, every individual must participate. There is no opportunity for one or two people in a group to dominate the discussion; all participants have a voice and must "speak up!"

    While many other self-paced online courses allow participants to judge for themselves whether they have fulfilled the requirements for course completion and print their own certificates, HeinemannU does not. For each of our courses, required work for every unit is individually assessed for quality and completeness by HeinemannU staff. The online course system also has user-tracking capabilities that allow HU to ensure that participants work through each course unit.

    HeinemannU is an authorized IACET (International Association of Continuing Education and Training) Provider. For more information on IACET standards visit www.IACET.org.

I want teachers in my district to participate in job-embedded learning opportunities for professional development. Is online learning appropriate?

    All HeinemannU online courses are based on a study group model. Readings and Assignments are designed for implementation in the classroom and Discussions provide opportunity for reflection with colleagues--teachers from all over the country or from your local school or district--on the strategies implemented. This study group approach allows teachers to put their learning to work immediately with a peer group available to provide feedback. The benefit of online learning is flexibility; teachers can post their messages online and read others' responses at any hour, allowing them to continue learning and implementing without waiting for a monthly meeting for feedback and discussion.

    Self-paced courses also allow teachers to choose the best time to implement ideas in their classroom, avoiding conflicts with planned curriculum, holidays and vacations, or testing schedules.

If your courses are focused on classroom implementation, how can we take courses during the summer?

    All of our courses are adaptable and most include options for participants who are not currently in the classroom. Summer study can be ideal: participants can begin their 4months of work in July or August before returning to school by reading and planning for the classroom aspect of the assignments. They will have access to past discussions from the previous school year that offer the history of other participants' experiences with the assignments, as well. When school begins, they will be ready to put their study into practice.

Effective staff development brings together learners who work toward a shared goal within a learning community. How can online learning accomplish this?

    Heinemann online courses offer educators rich content and a wide and varied learning community. Teachers will reflect on content, implementation, and practice and share these reflections in the teachers' room, work area, school hallway or in grade level and department meetings and within the discussion group online. This process of reflection combined with discussion on-line and off-line creates a strong learning community.

How can I be sure that the online course taken by teachers in my district will be not only content-rich, but also focused on our specific district plan and specific school goals?

    An online course when taken by a group of educators in district or school can provide the vehicle to meet individual professional development goals while keeping a focus on district or school goals. Each course features a Facilitator's Handbook, which is available for group use. A local facilitator using the handbook can help group members synthesize national discussion while focusing discussion on district or school goals.

I'd Like to hear from someone who has taken your course. Do you have references available?

    Yes, please contact us if you would like a referral to a past participant Call 800.541.2086, ext.1290.

Should the designated local facilitator be enrolled in the course that he/she is facilitating?

    In order to provide quality facilitation the facilitator must have a clear understanding of the course content, the format within which it is presented and the context within which it is practiced and applied. A successful, credible facilitator should be a member of this online learning community. A facilitator should also possess organizational and leadership skills.

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Course Questions
What is a HeinemannU course like?
    Visit our Course Demo to see what a course looks like.

    Generally, each HU course is made up of several units; each unit has readings from the required text, assignments or activities, and an online discussion. Depending on the course, there may also be additional online readings, video or audio clips, resources, frequently asked questions and answers, and web links.

    As a participant, you can access the course any time, check to see what the readings and assignments are (assignments are typically done offline, either working in the classroom or doing some form of planning or reflection). After you have completed an assignment, return to the online discussion and respond to the prompt, which may ask you to post your results and reflections. In the discussion, you will review and respond to other participants' postings, as well.

    Assignments may be posted in the discussion, saved in your online journal, created in your own word-processing software, saved, and uploaded in the Document Sharing area.

    No specific schedule of visits to the course is required, although in an Author-moderated course, you may have a span of a few days to a week for each unit. There are no research papers, tests, or quizzes in our online courses.

    To allow you the greatest flexibility, your work is assessed at the end of your course access period, allowing you to return to previous units and finish work, if needed. Or, you may indicate unit completion as you work through the course, and the HeinemannU administration will check your work at that time.

How much time will I spend on a course?

    Our courses are given an average number of CEUs that translates into an average number of clock hours spent on the coursework, both on- and offline. If the course earns 1.5 CEUs, it takes approximately 15 hours; if the course earns 2.0 CEUs, it takes approximately 20 hours. Time spent to earn graduate credit requiring additional work is not included in these estimates.

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Registration Questions
Is the required text included with the course fee?
    No, the text is not included in the registration fee. For Heinemann titles, you can shop online at www.heinemann.com and get a 10% discount or you can contact your local distributor.

If my teachers will be registering on a PO, what do I do?

    Each teacher must enroll individually online using the PO number, and a copy of the approved PO must be faxed or mailed to our office. Registrations will be held as pending until the PO is received.
    Fax: 800.354.2004
    Mail: HeinemannU, 361 Hanover St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

    For more on this topic, see How to Register.

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Pricing/Funding Questions
How much do your courses cost?
    HeinemannU course standard fees vary by the type of course and type of enrollment; discounts are available.

    Self-paced Student: $129
    Author-moderated Student fee: $195
    Author-moderated Auditor fee: $79

I'm looking for staff development for a group of teachers; do you offer discounts?

    For groups of 10 or more, we have a Self-paced discount structure that starts at 15% and increases with the number of participants, and can be used for any combination of courses.

    We issue a one-year contract for discounts with a unique contract code. Each seat is good for one year, and additional seats bought during the year count toward the next discount level.

When does the one-year contract activate?

    As soon as your first registration is submitted online, the contract is activated. Your seats will be good for one year from the date of this first enrollment.

How do I find out more about discounts?

Can you direct me to any funding sources that will help my district pay for HeinemannU courses?

    Yes, see our Funding Opportunities page for information on a selected list of funding sources appropriate for online professional development.

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Technical Questions
What kind of computer do I need?
    HeinemannU courses can be accessed using either a Windows PC or a Macintosh computer, using either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator as your browser.

    The Technical Requirements section contains details. From there you can take our Browser Test to determine whether or not you have the components you need. The instructions that follow the test will help you access free software to bring your browser up to grade!

What technology skills do I need to take a course?

    The very basic skills you need are browsing the Internet (to help you navigate the course) and posting messages to a discussion (essentially, completing a form and submitting it). Some courses require you to use a template for an assignment, save it in your word processor in "rich text format" and upload it to the course. Email is not a central aspect of the course, but is useful. To ready your computer for a course, you may also need to download and install a browser or plug-in; assistance with this process or any other procedures is available from the HelpDesk:

    HelpDesk toll-free phone: 800.226.0045;
    HelpDesk email: helpdesk@heinemannu.com

Can I access my courses using AOL?

    America Online is one of the most common services people use to access the Internet. If you have an AOL account, you can use this account as your Internet Service Provider to access your course, but we don't recommend that you use the default AOL Web browser to do your coursework. We suggest you use the current version (or at minimum, version 4.x) of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator instead.

If I have trouble with the course, whom do I contact?

    Contact our HelpDesk or HeinemannU Administration. See next question or Contact Us for information.

Does HeinemannU offer technical support?

Our teachers will be accessing their course through a school network; how do I make sure that we don't have any problems?

    Visit our HU Technical Summary for Administrators and print it out for your building technology support person. He or she should be able to configure your computers and/or your network to ensure that you will be able to access the online course. If your technology department has any questions, please refer them to our HelpDesk:

    HelpDesk toll-free phone: 800.226.0045;
    HelpDesk email: helpdesk@heinemannu.com

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Credit Questions
Can I get credit for taking an online course?
    HeinemannU is an Authorized CEU Provider of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). In addition, most courses have a graduate credit option for an additional fee and typically require some additional work. The course description in the Course Catalog provides specific information about the credits available for each course. Visit Course Credit for an overview.

What is a CEU?

    A CEU, or Continuing Education Unit, is a non-university unit that is calculated based on the average number of clock hours spent on a course. 1.0 CEU is equal to 10 clock hours. All participants in HeinemannU courses will be mailed a completion certificate for CEUs upon successful completion of the course. Transcripts are not available for this unit.

Do all teachers who register for an online course with HeinemannU receive CEUs?

    Yes, all teachers who successfully fulfill the course requirements for completion are awarded CEUs. There is one exception: Participants in Author-moderated courses who enroll for graduate credit through UNH do not receive CEUs. They receive only graduate credit. Auditors are not eligible for CEUs or any graduate credit. All other participants will receive CEUs regardless of their enrollment for graduate credit with other HU university partners.

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